Your Chance to Top 30 Universities! Master Class Taught by Distinguished Professors

You are only one class away from top U.S. universities!


Along with the start of 2021, a lot of students have started planning summer activities to enhance their resumes. We thought the pandemic would get better when 2021 approaches, however, one month in 2021, we see no improvement but instead, more worst news and cases are reported. 


Worrying about not being able to travel to the United States or other foreign countries due to the current COVID-19 situation? What if online classes are not as effective as in person classes?


Don’t worry! Pano got you!


We invited U.S. professors to Taiwan this summer to recreate seminars which are similar to U.S. summer camps so that you can learn safely in Taiwan without worrying about the pandemic. What we offer is different from traditional summer classes, we provide unique extracurricular activities experience for your application and resume!



With the COVID-19 situation, many universities decided to go either Test-Blank or Test-Optional for SAT and ACT.

Although standardized tests are still considered in the application process, it is no longer the core element of what universities are looking for. 

What do they want to see from applications then?


Through cross field learning, we are cultivating potential students like all of you!



── WHY Master Class── 

Deep Learning in an Academic Area

Critical and Creative Thinking

Diverse Learning Outcomes 

A Better College Application Narrative  



── Lesson Takeaway ── 

Improve Academic Expression Ability

Unique College Application

Recommendation Letter from a Top 50 U.S University Professor 

Guidance on Possibilities for Publication



── WHAT Master Class Taught by Distinguished U.S. Professors ──

We are the only one in Taiwan that uses the mentorship teaching method. Our three main attractions are: U.S. top professors, letters of recommendation, completed extended essays”. Our goal is to create better college admissions precisely in order to get talented students admitted to top U.S. Universities.



── Meet the Professors & the Courses ──

This summer, we invited Professors from the United States to Taiwan. With more than ten topics in a diverse array of fields, including Bioengineering, Computer Science, Business and Finance, Psychology, and STEAM, we combined a U.S. college level curriculum with structured educational administration to bring practical changes for students’ studies and future career plans.


UC Berkeley

Paul Tiffany | UC Berkeley

Tesla: International Business Management

Industry: Business and Finance

Mohammad Soltanieh-Ha | Boston University

Python: Machine Learning and Computer Vision 

Industry: Computer Science and Big Data

UC San DiegoUC San Diego

Joshua Tonies | UC San Diego

3D Modeling and VR

Industry: Film and Television Media, STEAM

Nathaniel Chapman | UC San Diego

Introduction to Abnormal Psychology: Mental Illness

Industry: Psychology

UC San Diego

Nanthia Suthana | UCLA

Introduction to Research Methods: VR Headset

Industry: Bioengineering


Students’ Feedback and Results!


【Machine Learning & Computer Vision】

Under the guidance of Prof. Soltanieh-Ha, our students were able to use Python to create their own algorithms and performance reports and for automatically categorizing pictures in order to distinguish the authenticity of pictures and videos!


【Tesla: Localization of Multinational enterprises】

Under the guidance of Professor Tiffany, our students wrote many business research paper which both the research process and the academics are at U.S. college level quality!


【3D Studio】

Our students learned how to make 3D models, virtual reality applications and other cutting-edge technologies from Professor Tonies. They were able to cultivate creative thinking skills and complete 3D scanning of Taiwan’s historical buildings and characteristic selections and model them on the computer. Everyone has completed his or her own exclusive introduction videos and works/portfolios!




pano masterclass




7/5-7/23 Monday – Friday


9:00am to 12:00pm


45 hours (including class time & discussion time)

【Class Size】

8-10 students


10F.-2, No. 148, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

(Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, Exit 5)

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