PANO Co-Study Club: GPA 課後輔導殿堂

We gathered a group of Ivy League instructors to help you with your school work and save your GPA on all subjects.
We’re always here to help when you need to study or ask questions!
常春藤老師挽救您全科目 GPA ,隨時等著您來讀書與解題


Co-Study 課輔殿堂的概念是共享專業老師,平日下課後跟假日我們都開放讀書室,





The idea of Co-Study Club is to have a personal tutor beside you without any constraints.

That being said, you can choose to participate in the Club based on your availabilities: after class or on the weekends.

Our proficient tutors will provide professional support to students as if the session is an actual class: students can ask questions at will and will be answered immediately with patience.

The only difference from an actual class is that Co-Study Club limits the amount of students, so the students that are in the Club get to enjoy the privileges of personalized tutoring and high quality education.


Improve your GPA & get straight As  

Get help on your school work from Ivy League instructors

Create your own study plan without being obligated to follow a strict timeline

Get answers for all subjects easily


提高 GPA, 交出漂亮的 A+ 成績單






[Social Studies]
Music Theory, Psychology, World History, US History, Europe History, Economics, Sociology

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Science


[Foreign Language]
Japanese, Latin, French, Spanish, English

Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Triangles, Statistics, Calculus


Co-Study 教室開放時間

January to June and September to December  

Monday to Friday: 4:00 – 9:00pm

Saturday to Sunday: 2:00-9:00pm


Ask our tutors immediately when you have a question on school work.

Study with peers effectively to motivate each other.

You don’t need an appointment so you don’t have to worry about changing your schedule.

Chapters review upon request to raise your GPA and grades.





階段性課後輔導需求,提升你的 GPA 及各科考試成績





Andy Zhang

Yale University

Azusa Ueno

Yale University

Peggy Shih

UC Berkeley

Cindy Chao

New York University

Jeffrey Tang

UC Berkeley

Michele Lin

UC Berkeley





點我報名Co-Study 課輔殿堂
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