Enhance your resume and portfolio with the EMPs by working with CEOs this summer!

5 Benefits of working with a startup

  • Create a meaningful impact in the company and the industry 
  • Work with the CEO to create a unique project
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understand the startup culture and trends
  • Create a bright, unique and in-depth resume


Why a startup company

Startup companies have a huge impact in our society, such as Uber, Clubhouse, Gogoro, etc. American universities also encourage students to start their own businesses in order to raise the talents of people who can change the world.  Here, you can leave the comfort zone of your school and learn how to interact with others in a fast-paced work environment. Also, if you have any innovative or unique ideas you can bring it up with the CEOs and demonstrate your influence!


What project can I do?

After being matched with the company that best suits you, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock your potential in the industry that’s best suited for you.

If you have an interest in “Finance”, you could choose:

Companies: FundPark & Mellow

FundPark is a Hong Kong fintech company which focuses on the field of supply chain finance. It’s Hong Kong’s largest online finance trading platform. At Fund Park, you will learn market research methods and investment and financial management. Having this experience and knowledge will be to your advantage when applying to a university business school.

Mellow is the winner of Alibaba’s 2018 Top 12 Hong Kong Startups and Economic Link Fintech Awards, which designed an app for financial management. At Mellow, you will learn various skills related to coding, marketing, as well as content creation.

For other industries or areas of expertise, please scroll down to Partner startups” to learn more!


EMP vs. Regular Internships

Regular internships often need a specialization or a certain skillset and won’t accept regular high schoolers. However, with the EMP, you can begin learning from 0 and have absolutely no experience, as well as increase your current capabilities!

How to apply

Step 1.”Discuss with the counselor” PANO’s counselors understand the student’s specific needs and will find the most suitable company

Step 2. “Interview with the company” A group interview will be arranged between the student and the CEO or the startup team and the plans will be discussed as well as the suitability. 

Step 3. “Begin planning” Discuss the the details of the plan with the company and the scheduling then starting the program


2021 Summer Schedule 


First Session: 6/21 – 7/30 

Second Session: 7/19  – 8/27 

Complimentary Workshop

【Time & Location】

 9:00 am – 1:00pm

8F., No. 132,  Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an district’s, Taipei City

(Exit 5, Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station) or Online


Outside of summer, we also have plans available during the school year as well


Our Partner Startups

【 Fintech】

Mellow extends their efforts into raising children’s awareness and sense of responsibility with managing their finances. By using a bound debit card, the younger generation can keep track of their spending, and plan for the future as well as practice their financial knowledge.

At Mellow you will learn about programming, marketing, techniques involved in product design 

Goals: Product design, programming, marketing


【 Fintech 】

Fundpark is an Asian online financial trading platform, they provide one-stop financing solutions for small and medium enterprises, from accounts receivable financing, order financing, supply chain finance to inventory financing, and various one-stop financing solutions.

At FundPark, you will conduct market research methods and analysis and investment and financial management. Having this experience and ability will be your advantage when applying for a university business school.

Goals: Business, Investment


【 Educational Technology 】

Word Up develops a personalized AI learning system. You can find various digital learning materials here, such as TOEIC, SAT, vocabulary recitation, etc. The platform will use AI to help track progress and weaknesses so that you can focus your time in the right direction.

At WordUp, you can learn website design to improve the “web user experience” and also learn graphic design skills.

Goals: Product Design, Website Design, Platform Design



【Fashion 】

Kiwisizing is committed to creating a better online shopping experience. It helps consumers find suitable clothes through customized size reference tables and size recommendations, making the shopping process smoother.

At Kiwi Sizing, students can learn more about the clothing and fashion industry, and they can also develop marketing plans with the CEO. If they are interested in the program, they can also conduct program-related matters in the company.

Goals: Product Design, Marketing, Programming Design



Outerboro believes that “functional technology and intelligent design can improve our lives”, and is committed to producing clothing with both fashionable appearance and comfortable functionality. They apply functionality and practicality as priority elements to clothing design, and then use ergonomics, utility and how to adapt to the environment as a basis for their designs

At Outerboro, you will learn the process of designing clothing, understand the concept of clothing design and performance. Those who want to work in the fashion clothing industry in the future will be a rare opportunity for you to meet the fashion CEO face to face.

Goals: Apparel product design, social marketing, data analysis



ArtzyPlanet is a co-creation and matchmaking platform that assists artists and creators to connect with job opportunities, and creates a focus on design, music, and film and television. Here, you can let others appreciate your work and show off your talents!

At ArtzyPlanet you will cultivate artistic beauty, learn graphic design and drawing skills, and interact with artists.

Goals: Graphic design, programming, marketing


【 Medical 】

ĒSEN creates a telemedicine platform for patients, shares correct medical knowledge through social networks, and combines the advice of various experts to create the most suitable healthy lifestyle.

At ĒSen, you will learn about medical products and knowledge related to medical services with well-known doctors, and use the knowledge you have learned to serve patients. You can also learn about the medical field early and communicate with experts and scholars.

Goals: Medical services, business strategy, operations, social marketing, data analysis


【Design 】

Tong Yi Xin is a consulting company with a circular economy as its core and focuses on education, design and green energy. It hopes to reimagine a clear vision and integrate technology, sustainability, culture and circular economy into every project.

At Tong Yi Xin, students will be exposed to diverse fields, follow in the footsteps of the CEO to complete projects, and cultivate creativity and independent thinking skills.

Goals: Programming, chemistry, food science, marketing


【 Agriculture/E-Commerce 】

Esteemed TeaCo is an online tea shop. In addition to actively bringing Taiwanese tea to the world, they also cooperate with local restaurants and stores to provide cold tea service.

At Esteemed TeaCo, you can have a deep understanding of the tea industry, and you can also learn about various types of tea. You can also learn about e-commerce platform marketing methods and how to ship Taiwanese tea to countries around the world.

Goals: Business development, marketing, content planning


【Digital Service】

Fluv is a matching platform for sharing pet care, combining community mode, AI matching and other technologies, for parents of fur children who need temporary care services, and matching online certified pet lovers to assist in taking care of the pets.

At Fluv, you can have close contact with animals, organize large-scale marketing activities with the CEO, and learn the operation of the e-commerce platform.

Goals: Product planning, marketing, business


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