Enhance your Resume with Start Up CEOs with EMP!


Are you having similar internships which lack uniqueness?

Are you unable to show your potential because of simple and easy responsibilities?

With PANO’s Entrepreneur Mentorship Program (EMP), you work with innovative startup founders or C-level executives to develop your hands on skills! 


pano education summer program


── What is Entrepreneur Mentorship Program ──

This is an intensive training program with fast growing start ups for a truly unique experience. Pano partners with a wide range of start-ups in fields that vary from blockchain to pet care. A list of possible start-ups can be provided for you to get a better idea about what we can offer. No matter what you’re interested in, we’re sure to be able to help you find the most impactful work.


pano education leadership skills



── What will you Gain ──


【Practical Skills】

  • Roles in data analysis, coding, marketing, business development and more
  • Real work experience with real outcomes
  • Measurable impact on the company and the community


【Supercharged Resume】

  • Stand out with a truly unique experience
  • Create depth in your resume through hands on experience
  • Demonstrate passion by challenging yourself


【Entrepreneur’s Mindset】

  • Mentorship directly from a founding team member
  • Experience at a fast growing start-up company
  • Impactful project based roles 


pano education summer program



── HOW does EMP work──


Meet for an initial consultation to see what sort of mentorship would fit best into your application.
【Interview with the Company】
We reach out to our start ups and tailor made a mentorship program to fit your goals. Interview with the company’s CEO or founding team.
【Start your Program】
Discuss project content, schedule and time commitment with the startups. Begin your program!


pano start up



── Startups We Work With  ──

Our start up partners are from all different industries, no matter what you’re interested in, we can find you the program that fits you the best!

Here is just a small sample of the many partners we work with:


【 Business 】

pano fluvwordup
Going on vacation and need a pet sitter? Ran out of time and need someone to walk your dog? Fluv is there for you. As the Airbnb of pet care, Fluv makes it easy to find pet sitters and pet carers. In addition, they regularly work with animal shelters to help the animals who are truly in need.Studying for anything can be incredibly time consuming. From vocabulary to standardized tests, we spend hundreds of hours simply memorizing things. Word Up uses the latest adaptive learning A.I. technology to help you easily identify your weaknesses and focus on them.


【 Technology 】


pano porttopano Lyght
Portto is dedicated to making blockchain technology accessible. Through products like Blocto, a web browser for DApps (blockchain enabled applications), Portto makes previously complicated apps user friendly. 

Lyght connects individual retail buyers directly with green energy producers to participate in funding of tangible environmental impact projects whilst enjoying recurring income from selling power at competitive rates with full transparency.


【 Medical 】【 Gaming VR 】
pano esenpano ama
ĒSEN is a healthcare technology company building patient-driven telehealth platform that provides everyone healthcare anytime and anywhere. Its services focus on medical consultation-led lifestyle optimization programs.Ama’s Momento’ is an installation experience that blends Augment and Virtual Reality technology with Projection Mapping to beautifully depict the life of Ama (grandma) and the people around. The central value of Ama is storytelling, in addition to documenting people’s modern life and aspirations.


【 Fintech 】

pano mellowpano fundpark
Mellow wants to teach financial literacy to the younger generation. Too many adults don’t know how to manage their own money, and the problem starts at a young age. Using an app-enabled debit card, Mellow helps teenagers track their spending, plan for the future, and learn to manage their finances.FundPark provides a one-stop solution from Invoice Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Inventory Financing to Vendor Financing solution along the supply chain. Regardless of the size of your business, we provide an exclusive client solution in a timely, efficient and effective way. Financing is never easier.


【Design 】

pano artzyplanetpano tong yi xin
ArtzyPlanet wants to make it easier to connect artists and creators with jobs and opportunities. By using their online platform, you can easily show off your work and accept work! Artzyplanet is the first platform in Taiwan that allows you to find creators of all kinds.Tong Yi Xin Design Group is a social Innovation company. It reignites purpose and meaning back into company culture through a circular economy. With branding and social innovation consultancy, the company focuses on education, design and green technology, which specializes in business design, business development and business strategy with a circular economy and green technology focus.



pano Esteemed TeaCopano kiwi sizing
Esteemed Tea Co is an online tea store that strives to bring Taiwanese tea to the rest of the world. Besides online, they also work with local restaurants and stores to provide cold brew tea as a service.Kiwi Sizing works to make online shopping easier and better by helping customers find the right sized clothing across different stores and standards. It improves customers’ shopping experience with customizable sizing charts, fit recommenders, and more.


pano project



── WHEN is EMP ──


Session 1:

6/14 – 6/18 Leadership Training

6/21 – 7/30 Program

Session 2:

7/12 – 7/16  Leadership Training

7/19  – 8/27 Program



Leadership Training: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Program: TBD based on the company



10F.-2, No. 148, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

(Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, Exit 5)


🙋‍♀️ Register here

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Pano’s EMP is available for students both during the semester as well as during the summer, online or in person. No matter what your timeline is, there’s sure to be a program for you.

There are more companies that we currently work with! For more information, contact us for a free consultation to find the right mentorship for you!