2021 SAT Courses

2021 SAT courses 

ClassDateDayTimeScheduleMock testReview classHoursLocation


8/2-8/13Monday – Friday
10 days
1-6pm1-3pm SAT English
3-5pm quiz/HW
5-6pm SAT Math
4 times1-on-1 review
4 times
54 hrsTaipei


8/2-8/27Week 1 & 2
Monday – Friday
Week 3 & 4
M,Tue, Thur, Fri
18 days
week 1 & 2
week 3 & 4
Week 1 & 2
1-3pm SAT English
3-5pm quiz/HW
5-6pm SAT Math
Week 3 & 4
9am-12:30pm test
3-5pm review
12 times1-on-1 review
4 times
Group review
8 times
70 hrsTaipei
9/12 Intensive9/12~11/14

Every Sunday

Every Sunday10 times1~6pm1-2pm Reading 2-3pm Grammar

3-5pm Homework|Quiz

5-6pm Math

4 times1-on-1 review

4 times

54 hrsTaipei




Mock Test Review 


Every Saturday

Every Saturday

8 times




Mock Test 

3-5pm Review

8timesGroup review 

8 times

40 hrsTaipei



Location:Taipei,  Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Online

Discount:2 people together discount $2000.

Following this example, the maximum discount will be $5,000

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- Pano Brilliant Results -

Produced the most 1500+ SAT scores ever

Progress ScoresNumber of PeoplePercentage
80 ~ 10012%
101 ~ 150920%
151 ~ 2001023%
201 ~ 2501023%


-PANO SAT Class Specialties -

Assorted instructors from various Ivy League Schools

Teaching materials made from over 10 years’ worth of experience

Classes of 3-8 Students, sorted by their performance

Group classes also come with 1 on 1 tutoring to uncover weaknesses

30 different complete mock SAT tests


- Our Team -


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- How Our Students Say -

Tommy, IBSH

── SAT test score: 1590 ──

PANO’s SAT class benefited me. The teacher helped with the specific struggles each student was facing; when I struggled with time management, he taught simple yet effective strategies that helped drastically reduce the time I spent on each reading passage. He would point to the previous exams and teach us how the tests were designed for us to better tackle the SAT.


Monica C., Kang Chiao International School

── SAT test score: 1170 to 1490 ──

Before I joined PANO’s SAT program, I suffered from always getting pretty low scores, and I was devastated. However, upon enrolling in PANO’s SAT program, I learned ways to improve not only my SAT score, but also my English abilities. My SAT English score went up by more than 200 points! I saw a huge improvement in the grammar section after the grammar lessons and the practice problems that we went through with PANO’s teacher. I also found myself reading much faster than before, and I can get the key points easily.

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