The Seminar that 11th and 12th Grade Students Must Attend When Applying for Colleges

🥇Seminar Details:
As an 11th grader, you only have one year remaining before college applications, you can’t afford to make the wrong decisions. So how are you meant to plan your studying schedule and extracurricular activities?

Also, as a 12th grader, how are you meant to package your application resume, to get noticed by the college admission committee?
This seminar will resolve the doubts you have in your mind🥇Host: Peggy -A graduate of UC Berkeley, she brings her experiences of having helped students of various backgrounds in Dubai and Shanghai apply to Ivy League schools

Date: 2021.08.21 Saturday
Address: Taipei City, Da’an District, Zhongxiao East Road Section 4 No. 132 8F|Will be livestreamed as well