Top 10 US Universities Game Design Programs

Video games are fun, frustrating, enthralling, educational, and so much more. They are also the topic of heated debate amongst parents, teachers, and even some governments. As video games become more influential, especially with the increasing focus on the metaverse, it is no surprise that more youths worldwide are becoming interested in game design.

Though popular, video game design has not yet established itself fully within the world of traditional academia. This does not mean that game design cannot be intrinsically academic, though. Game design requires programming, artistic talent, logical thinking, creativity, math, physics, and so much more. Some prominent universities such as USC, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Pratt, NYU, and SCAD offer undergraduate programs in game design, but you will be hard-pressed to find many more official game design programs within well-established universities in the US.

As such, those who pursue careers in game design come from a wide array of academic backgrounds. As you may guess, having a working portfolio of your work will be critical to landing a job in the game design field if this is a path you wish to pursue. Of course, you do not need to get a degree in game design to get a job in the field. As long as you have an impressive CV, can interview well, exhibit your design-thinking process from A to Z, and have a strong portfolio, then you will be a great candidate regardless of your major. Moreover, there are also jobs within the gaming industry that do not require designing games themselves—sales, IT, consumer experience, and branding.

Clearly, the game market is an enormous industry with a broad array of academic paths and career opportunities. However, **we do not suggest spending all of your time playing video games – there is a difference between playing games and designing them!**

If you are eager to learn how the future of games might make a difference in immersive education through VR, how to create 3D character models, optimize game engines such as Unity, or improve your fluency in the design process, then look no further than our 2022 PANO Masterclass: Video Game Studio.

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Carnegie Mellon University
University of Southern California
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New York University
University of Utah
Rochester Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Cornell University
University of California–Santa Cruz

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