Test Prep (SAT/ACT/AP’s)


We help students succeed in areas ranging from SAT/ACT/IB/AP prep to TOEFL, IELTS, etc. We teach students how to improve their test scores through a long term approach focusing on study habits, understanding of the test, and critical thinking. ​Join us and see how you can be come improve your scores through becoming a better student.

Our Instructor Team

Our full-time instructors work around the clock to create the most effective curriculum in the world and provide the best teaching experience for Pano’s students.
Azusa Ueno

Azusa Ueno

​Yale University /Manhattan School of Music

Azusa has over 10 years of experience in education, working as a senior tutor for 8 years at a New York City based test prep company before moving to Dubai to continue her career as both an instructor and curriculum developer. She has worked with hundreds of students on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests in Math I/II, Chemistry) and AP Exams (Chemistry and Music Theory). She also teaches specialized subjects (Chemistry, Algebra II/Trig, Pre-Calculus, French, and Japanese). Azusa is a concert pianist who has performed in the US, Japan, Czech Republic, and Dubai as well as a classical album review critic.

Andy Zhang

Andy Zhang

​Yale University

Andy has over 8 years of experience working in education, during which he has been able to help hundreds of students improve their SAT scores by teaching them the study habits and critical thinking heuristics that he, himself, used as a high schooler to improve from 1900 to 2400 in 2 months. In class, Andy promotes a positive atmosphere to motivate students to be better. Outside of teaching, he loves to practice volleyball, play video games, and make toast.

“Through teaching study habits and encouraging me, my teacher at Pano not only helped my SAT score, but also changed my outlook on life”

-Winny Peng || AAIA Class of 2020

3 Reasons to Pick Pano

There’s a lot of Test Prep courses out there, but none quite like Pano’s. Here’s what makes us better

Master the Reading Section

While our curriculum covers all english aspects of the SAT, we are especially proud of our reading curriculum. We show students how to understand passages and question types quickly, allowing them to nearly double their reading score on average.

Save Time

Our innovative curriculum has been proven to improve your score faster than does any other prep course. We do so with our small class size that allows us to zoom in on each student’s weaknesses without wasting any time.

Improve Long Term

We instill long lasting progress through teaching them study habits and problem solving skills. As a result, we see our student’s improvements continue to go up after our class, translating into dream scores on the real test.


GROUP CLASSES Our pioneering 2-week long SAT small-group course teaches the most crucial test-taking tips for the SAT. Students will learn to spot signals that indicate which grammar rules are being tested; they’ll be able to identify common traps that show up in incorrect answers and analyze how test makers obfuscate correct answer choices; they’ll have access to our curated list of high-hit vocabulary words. Throughout and after the course, students will have access to our library of diagnostics so that they can keep track of their progress.


SAT IIs and APs


Hailing from top universities and equipped with years of experience, Pano’s instructors are able to help you improve at the fastest possible pace. Moreover, our diverse range of backgrounds helps us connect with students on a personal level to help mentor them to become their best.



Improve After Class

We provide all of our students exclusive access to our own AI-powered adaptive learning platform. Through this, students can continue practicing Pano’s strategies on their own long after class is over.
Interactive Practice
Our platform automatically finds the question types that you struggle with and makes practice easy. No more wasting time on questions that you already know how to answer. Focus on your weaknesses to rapidly increase your score.
Smart Analysis
After you practice and complete mock tests, come to your score report to see how you’re doing! We help you schedule your studying by analyzing how much more time you need to improve and letting you see exactly which areas are still lacking.


Monica C. [SAT 1170 -> 1490]
Kang Chiao International School

​”Before I joined PANO’s SAT program, I suffered from always getting pretty low scores, and I was devastated. However, upon enrolling in PANO’s SAT program, I learned ways to improve not only my SAT score, but also my English abilities. My SAT English score went up by more than 200 points! I saw a huge improvement in the grammar section after the grammar lessons and the practice problems that we went through with Andy. I also found myself reading much faster than before, and I can get the key points easily.”

Alison C. [SAT 1150 -> 1360]
Kang Chiao International School

During my time at PANO, I was able to learn more than what I expected. Although I was struggling at first, but the faculties were helping me to fix my mistakes and encouraging me to believe in myself. By the end of the lesson, I significantly improved my scores in both reading and writing. Besides that, I also figured out a way to write good SAT essays. Furthermore, I got to meet some of the coolest people. Overall, I can say it was a great experience at PANO!

Ting Liu. [SAT 1130 -> 1350 ↑]
Washington High School

When I joined PANO’s program, the most impressive part was the small-group course. There were only four students in my class, so I had more chances to answer questions. Due to this kind of learning environment, I was able to keep thinking and my teacher helped me get through practice problems. Andy is a patient and attentive teacher who explained each practice problems with great patience, especially on Reading & Grammar Section. It was hard for me to understand the articles before I joined this program, but now, I could understand the structure and the contents more easily. Besides, in the grammar section, I knew more about the test rules and the skills. Also, PANO’s well-organized textbooks and notes enabled me to see the key points clearly. (At first, I thought Andy is annoying. The reason was that if you wanted to get 100 points on the SAT, you needed to take the questions seriously than ever. However, after the ten-day course, Andy was not just a mentor, but also a friend.) PANO’s program had great impact on me. I completed tasks with efficiency in a short time and also learned a lot of things.

Yvette[SAT1280 -> 1440]
Taipei Fuhsing Private School

I think Azusa’s teaching style is that she customizes classes extremely to individual students. For example, for me, I don’t really like to start from the very beginning about what the grammar rules are because I know a large portion of it already. So, the way that Azusa customizes classes for me is that she focuses on the problems I got wrong during mock tests and I look them over myself before she checks them with me as well. The way we have class is that we don’t have long hour classes, we only do around 1.5 hours each week. I think it’s extremely sufficient for me to cover everything instead of starting everything from the basics.
I think my major struggle with SAT is that I read a little bit slower than normal people so I kind of struggle the most in the reading section. I think the way Pano organizes the SAT classes is that they separate the reading questions into different types and they talk about different steps of approaches to deal with those questions, so then it kind of implants a formula within our brains. Once we see the questions, we’re able to formulate that and bring out the answers in the most possible and fastest way.

Sekolah Harapan Bangsa Cambridge

The materials from Pano are all pretty good. They give great examples and the explanations are all pretty clear and comprehensible. I think I’ve made significant progress on my time management and how to eliminate wrong choices. My reading comprehension is also improved significantly I think.


After finishing this course, I felt like my reading speed increased significantly. Because the teacher times us during our lessons, we have to finish the questions before time runs out. I felt like I read more quickly after each lesson and also understood where the SAT wants me to focus on for details.

Nicky [SAT Improvement 190+]
Kang Chiao International School

My major struggle with the SAT is my biggest struggle on the SAT is the reading section ,but after taking PANO’s summer courses, I became more familiar with the material since the teacher told us about reading strategies to how to approach the questions. This helped us grasp the main areas on which the SAT was testing us.


This course was highly beneficial because I initially had no faith in my SAT test taking abilities. After taking this class,I felt like previously challenging questions , now seemed easy thanks to the teacher’s comprehensive and detailed explanations.

Bryan [SAT Improvement 310+]

​Over the month, the class was very exciting and engaging thanks to teacher Andy’s active and fun personality. He was very accomodating by using very simple explanations to help us clarify our difficulties with challenging wording and questions.

Samantha Lu
Walnut High School/G11

At first, I thought SAT would be a really challenging mission for me to achieve or master. But after taking the one month lecture at PANO, I feel like there is nothing “impossible.” If you have a strong mind to work hard and try things boldly, everything is possible! To be honest, I’m not a person who is smart and loves to study, I often procrastinate on some of my school works. But studying at PANO gives me a kind of motivation to make progress every day, and that also causes improvements in my grades every time I’m taking the practice SAT tests. Hope that I can still have the same “nonstop” spirit and always work harder in the future!!