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What is Pano’s Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program

Meaningful work at awesome start-ups
This is an intensive training program with fast growing start ups for a truly unique experience.

Summer and Semester

Pano’s EMP is available for students both during the semester as well as during the summer. No matter what your timeline is, there’s sure to be a program for you

Online and Offline

Our partnered start ups are based all around the world. If there isn’t one near you, don’t worry! We also offer online mentorships as our companies are all comfortable with working remotely

Start-up Experience

The start-up experience is truly unique. For many it’s been described as the most difficult challenge possible. By getting a taste of this early, students can begin to grasp the dynamic landscape across both Taiwan and the greater region.

What will you gain?

PANO’s partner start ups are in a wide array of roles in just about every industry. No matter what you’re interested in, we’re sure to be able to help you find the most impactful work.

Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Mentorship directly from a founding team member

Experience at a fast growing start-up company

Impactful project based roles

Practical Skills

Roles in data analysis, coding, marketing, business development and more

Real work experience with real outcomes

Measurable impact on the company and the community

Supercharged Resume

Stand out with a truly unique experience

Create depth in your resume through hands on experience

Demonstrate passion by challenging yourself

Meet the Start Ups

Our start-up founders hail from top Universities, accelerators, and companies.
Here is just a small sample of the many partners we work with
​Computer Science
What is MeDA Lab?

Meda.Ai is a cutting edge medical imaging tech company that is seeking to “help doctors help people.” By using AI technology, MeDA Lab hopes to make it easier for doctors to make diagnoses. Specifically, they analyze brain, lung, coronary arteries, and abdomen images.

What can students do?

​At MeDA Lab, students participate in a two week long training camp prior to the mentorship where they’re able to learn the basics of computational imaging and artificial intelligence. Afterwards, they’re assigned to work with lab members on a personal project over the next 6 weeks.

Pet- Tech
​Business Dev.
What is Fluv?

Fluv is a leading pet care platform in Taiwan. Through Fluv, users can find loving human beings who will petsit, wash pets, feed pets, and walk pets. Unlike traditional pet hotels, Fluv emphasizes its convenience, affordability, and level of care for each of their pets.

What can students do?

There are a ton of different opportunities available at Fluv depending on your interests. Students can work with Candace, a serial entrepreneur who’s worked for Coca-Cola and already sold a previous company. For example, in the past, a student at Pano chose to work with Fluv on a project where she would develop a new market (Hsinchu) for the company where they previously have had no users. Marketing and content creation positions are also available!

Edu Tech
​Graphic Design
What is Word Up?

Word Up is a state of the art adaptive learning platform. Here you can find a variety of different learning material ranging from TOEIC to SAT to vocabulary. Most importantly, the platform is designed to help you track your progress and focus your time on tackling your weaknesses through utilizing artificial intelligence.

What can students do?

A​n mentorship at Word Up is a great opportunity to work with serial entrepreneur Ian Chen who went from working as a hardware engineer at TSMC to being the founder of a software company. Besides computer science mentorships, students here can also create a graphic design portfolio together with co-founder Wood.