2021 Summer Activities

1-on-1 Research Program

1-on-1 research mentorship projects with professors from top U.S universities


No matter where you live, you can work with top U.S professors. Our mentorship projects are conducted fully online so you can always have access to the best resources available

Top Universities

Our partnered professors work at top U.S universities. Ranging from Brown University to University of Washington to Stanford, this is a one of a kind opportunity to experience working with the best of the best


Not only do our professors work at the best universities, they also work in a wide variety of fields. Our students work on personalized projects developed just for them in subjects including chemistry, CS, music, and more.

Master Class

Dive deep into a variety of subjects with U.S professors in a seminar style setting

Structured Lessons

Our 40 hour long curriculum allows students to explore topics in a variety of fields in depth with professors who are experts in the field.

Research Paper

Complete your own UNIQUE research paper on the subject. Each student will choose their own specialization under the class’s broader subject to focus on.

In person

We fly top U.S universities to Taiwan, so you can take classes with them face to face. This way, students are able to make personal connections to further their development.

Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

We work with top start-ups around the world to give you mentorship ​where you can truly grow and have an impact
Impactful Work

By working at a start-up trying to disrupt the world, you’re also able to create a real impact. Unlike work at larger companies, you won’t be delegated to routine work. Rather, you’ll be making real decisions and creating measurable results.

Supercharged Resumé

This is a truly a one of a kind experience that will make you stand out. Regardless of your passion, there’s sure to be a perfect mentorship opportunity for you to develop your passion and take your resumé to the next level.