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Project Based Learning with Top U.S Professors

Recommendation Letters

Students will be given recommendation letters for exceptional work from students. By working in a small class (<8 students), students in Pano’s MasterClasses are able to experience a closer connection with the professor than most college students, leading to better and more meaningful recommendation letters.

Completed Extended Essay

Students will complete a research paper under the close guidance of the professor. By doing so, students are able to challenge themselves to new academic heights while also opening up possibilities for publication. Moreover, students can use this paper to work towards their IB EE requirement.

Better College Admissions

Students can generate better admissions results through building a stronger resume. Colleges can see that students are not only engaging in their academic interest, but thriving at a college level. Students who go through Pano’s Masterclasses can increase their appeal to admissions offices around the world.

Reasons to Choose PANO’s MasterClasses

Deep Learning in an Academic Area

By focusing on one theme for the entirety of the program, students are able to deeply explore the depth of their choice in academics. Through doing so, you can better understand the field and better appreciate its intricacies.

A Better College Application Narrative

Through completing this project based learning program, students are able to craft a better narrative for college applications. It shows demonstrated passion for the subject and proof of your academic ability.

Recommendation Letter from a Top 50 U.S University Professor

Working in small groups, students are able to build a strong relationship with their professor. As a result, good work will be easily noticed and will be rewarded with a recommendation letter to be used for college applications and other summer programs.


Our professors bring their expertise, knowledge, and experiences to the classroom guidance of students. Through their close student-teacher relationship, professors are able to offer recommendations and advice to all students.

Diverse Learning Outcomes

Because of the diverse classes offered, students are able to explore a variety of fields that can often be difficult to find guidance for. Furthermore, the project and research paper acts as stepping stone, giving students more opportunities in the future to express their ability.

Completed Extended Essay

The Extended Essay for the IB program can be a big headache for many students. By attending our masterclasses, students are able to work directly with expert professors to craft a personalized essay that can be used for their IB requirements.

Meet the Professors

Our professors hail from top U.S programs and they’re here to give you the experience of studying at a top 50 University

Paul Tiffany

UC Berkeley

Paul Tiffany is a Senior Lecturer at the Berkeley Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He teaches courses competitive strategy, business, and public policy, leadership and management, the global economy, and global strategy and management. He has taught previously at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the Wharton School. His book The Decline of American Steel was published by Oxford University Press and later offered in a Japanese edition. His book Business Plans for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons), co-authored with Steven Peterson, was a worldwide top-five finalist in the annual Booz Allen/Financial Times “Best Business Book of the Year” award. Professor Tiffany is the recipient of awards for both his research and teaching, including the Anvil Award, presented annually to the outstanding professor in Wharton’s graduate program, the Lindback Award as the outstanding professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Cheit Award as the outstanding professor in the Executive MBA program at the University of California, Berkeley.

Josh Tonies

UC San Diego


Josh Tonies is an artist who works with drawing and the moving image. His work centers around temporary ecological studies that take form as animation, drawing, works on paper and book arts. He is a lecturer on record at University of San Diego and UC San Diego, teaching courses in film, video art, animation and studio arts. He has exhibited his work most recently at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, The Center for Fiction in NYC, Comfort Station in Chicago Illinois and the San Diego Museum of Art.




Boston University



Mohammad Soltanieh-ha, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Information Systems department at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Prof. Soltanieh-ha obtained his Ph.D. in computational physics in 2015 from Northeastern University and his research interest revolves around computer vision applications of deep learning in automating histopathological diagnosis in cancer research as well as large scale computing and data science. His teaching experience involves data science programming, big data analytics, and applications of data science in business.

Nathaniel Chapman

UC San Diego



Nathaniel Chapman is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of California San Diego. He has experience treating various populations, including spinal cord injuries, substance abuse patients, veterans and adolescents, and children. He specializes in couple’s therapy utilizing empirically supported Gottman Method treatment. At UCSD, Dr. Chapman will be developing co-curricular community outreach programming for undergraduates who are interested in clinical psychology.

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