1-on-1 Research Program


Our 1-on-1 Research Program

Pano’s mentorship program pairs students up with university professors from top U.S universities to work on a personalized research project. At the end of the program, not only will students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, but also experience what doing research at the college level is like

Tailored for you

The Pano Team works alongside the professor and the student to create a project that emphasizes and develops each student’s unique strengths.

Online Research

Want to work with U.S professors, but live too far away? Our projects are all remote so that you can work with U.S professors no matter where you are.

Distinguished Professors

Our professors work at top U.S universities, such as MIT, Brown, and Berkeley. They are experts in their fields and ready to share their experience and expertise with you.

What will you achieve?

Through our custom plans, we’re able to find the ideal solution for every student.


Letter of Rec


Project Based Learning


In-depth Exploration

Our Case Studies

Our students work hard over 8-12 weeks to complete their research projects at a high level. Through providing close guidance from professors, we were able to help students worldwide deepen their understanding of their interests, gain college-level research experience, and edge one step closer to their dream schools. Read more about our successful mentorship case studies below:




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