Our Programs


We help students succeed in areas ranging from SAT/ACT/IB/AP prep to TOEFL, IELTS, etc. We teach students how to improve their test scores through a long term approach focusing on study habits, understanding of the test, and critical thinking. ​Join us and see how you can be come improve your scores through becoming a better student.


Thrive. That’s what we hope our students do when you go to college. To achieve this, our college counseling team strives to find the perfect university for you and make sure you’re admitted. Have no idea how to apply for the top colleges? ​No problem, that’s why we are here for you.Come and imagine a better future for you.

Resumé Enhancement

By cooperating with top U.S universities professors and startup entrepreneurs, we create unique experiences for our students. We help you build stronger applications while learning practical skills. ​Find out how you can elevate yourself and improve your chances for college admissions.