Our Success

Before I joined PANO’s SAT program, I suffered from always getting pretty low scores, and I was devastated. However, upon enrolling in PANO’s SAT program, I learned ways to improve not only my SAT score, but also my English abilities. My SAT English score went up by more than 200 points! I saw a huge improvement in the grammar section after the grammar lessons and the practice problems that we went through with PANO’s teacher. I also found myself reading much faster than before, and I can get the key points easily.

I think PANO’s teacher teaching style is that she customizes classes extremely to individual students. For example, for me, I don’t really like to start from the very beginning about what the grammar rules are because I know a large portion of it already. So, the way that PANO’s teacher customizes classes for me is that she focuses on the problems I got wrong during mock tests and I look them over myself before she checks them with me as well. The way we have class is that we don’t have long hour classes, we only do around 1.5 hours each week. I think it’s extremely sufficient for me to cover everything instead of starting everything from the basics. I think my major struggle with SAT is that I read a little bit slower than normal people so I kind of struggle the most in the reading section. I think the way PANO organizes the SAT classes is that they separate the reading questions into different types and they talk about different steps of approaches to deal with those questions, so then it kind of implants a formula within our brains. Once we see the questions, we’re able to formulate that and bring out the answers in the most possible and fastest way.

When I joined PANO’s program, the most impressive part was the small-group course. There were only four students in my class, so I had more chances to answer questions. Due to this kind of learning environment, I was able to keep thinking and my teacher helped me get through practice problems. PANO’s teacher is a patient and attentive teacher who explained each practice problems with great patience, especially on Reading & Grammar Section. It was hard for me to understand the articles before I joined this program, but now, I could understand the structure and the contents more easily. Besides, in the grammar section, I knew more about the test rules and the skills. Also, PANO’s well-organized textbooks and notes enabled me to see the key points clearly. PANO’s program had great impact on me. I completed tasks with efficiency in a short time and also learned a lot of things.

At first, I thought SAT would be a really challenging mission for me to achieve or master. But after taking the one month lecture at PANO, I feel like there is nothing “impossible.” If you have a strong mind to work hard and try things boldly, everything is possible! To be honest, I’m not a person who is smart and loves to study, I often procrastinate on some of my school works. But studying at PANO gives me a kind of motivation to make progress every day, and that also causes improvements in my grades every time I’m taking the practice SAT tests. Hope that I can still have the same “nonstop” spirit and always work harder in the future!!

It’s lucky to have PANO’s counselor working together on my essay. When discussing with PANO’s teacher, she always gave me lots of unique ideas and would evaluate them carefully to see if these worked. If I didn’t know how to write it down, she would also guide me and help me revise my first draft. Her wordings were so beautiful that readers would be impressed of it. Besides, I felt relaxed when discussing the essay and my thoughts with PANO’s teacher. And I love getting feedbacks from her. The process was highly efficient and made me feel happy. Take the essay of Boston University for instance, I felt so nervous at first because there was only one week before the deadline, but with PANO’s teacher’s help, we finished an impressive essay on time!