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Andy Zhang

Yale University

Andy grew up in Maryland in the United States where he attended one of the most competitive math science programs in the country. During his time there, he was varsity volleyball captain, took 12 AP exams, and received a full score on the SAT. Outside of school, he accumulated 600 hours of community service and spent three summers doing stem cell research, culminating in getting semi-finalist in the nation’s top science competitions: Siemens’s and Intel’s science talent search. Eventually he would go on to study at Yale University where he began as a biology major. However, later he would transfer to and graduate as an Applied Mathematics major. Throughout his educational career, Andy has always felt blessed to have received guidance on the correct path to college admissions and benefitted greatly from the resources he had available to him. Not only did his high school send 20% of its program to the Ivy League every year, but his own brother also attended Yale. Since graduating from Yale, Andy has been dedicated to helping others reach the same success as him.

Peggy Shih

University of California, Berkeley

Peggy spent her childhood growing up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With limited information and resources, Peggy applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UPenn, Cornell on her own and successfully got admitted. In addition, Peggy is also passionate about art and design; beyond applying to art schools herself, she included an art portfolio with animation, sketch, and digital design pieces as part of her application. At last, she went on to study at The University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!), where she graduated with a double major in Linguistics and French, as well as minors in Japanese and Applied Language Studies in 2016. In high school, Peggy also had an outstanding academic performance, which she got a perfect score on ACT and also got perfect scores on 16 AP subjects. Peggy has experience in the tech and brand consulting sectors, including serving as a consultant to Huawei, Xiaomi, and other leading brands. Before moving to Taipei, she has worked in San Francisco, Shanghai, Paris, and Dubai.

Brittany Smith

Yale University

Brittany graduated from Yale University. She got a perfect score on APUSH and AP Language respectively. Brittany had a strong passion for creative writing. As a senior at Yale University, she worked as an editor for the Yale Daily News, the “Oldest College Daily.” After graduation, she worked as an independent editor and proofreader for the human editing division of the prestigious digital education company, Grammarly. Brittany has a diverse background, she has worked in the U.S., China, and Korea, and she taught intermediate and advanced English classes and American History and Culture classes to students at Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University. Additionally, she worked as a tutor, helping students with the SAT Critical Reading and Writing section and the following AP courses: AP United States History, AP English Language and Composition, and AP English Literature and Composition. This includes help with the academic essays of AP courses. Moreover, since graduation, she has helped scores of students work on application essays for Tufts, Emory, Stanford, Columbia, Notre Dame, and the UC System.

Caderyn Owen-Jones

Yale University

Born in South Africa but raised in London, Caderyn successfully navigated both the UCAS and Common Application systems before deciding to study at Yale University, where he double-majored in Classics and Archaeology. While pursuing his degree, he was involved in many mentoring and language exchange projects, and worked concurrently in curriculum design and consulting. Caderyn has conducted research across the world, including Turkey, Europe, China and the U.S. As a teacher, Caderyn has worked with hundreds of students, and has also been heavily involved in personal mentoring and essay editing. In his free time, he enjoys baking, climbing mountains, and reading (mostly Classical) poetry.

Chase Tai

University of California, Berkeley、Harvard University

With an undergraduate degree in Economics from UC Berkeley, Chase worked in data analytics, asset management, and sports broadcasting before transitioning to education consulting. He also has a strong passion for education and he completed his Master’s in International Education Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Education before joining PANO. As a former curriculum developer and internal coordinator of multiple educational programs, Chase has worked with government officials and community leaders in several different urban and rural settings. He has worked as a counselor in China and the U.S. and helped with hundreds of students on test prep and specialized subjects. Besides teaching AP and IB subjects, he is also an experienced instructor in math, economics, English, and standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, SAT II, and TOEFL.

Will Chu

Emory University

With an undergrad degree in Finance and Management Consulting from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, Will has worked as a private equity analyst, English tutor, career coach and as a cashier/manager at his parents’ grocery store. Finding a newfound passion in teaching and helping others, Will transitioned to the path of education consulting, thanks to his time as a tutor/career coach. Will has helped multiple students in improving their English skills and proficiency while assisting others with their college applications and work presentations. In his free time, Will likes to play video games, workout, cook, and complain about his chronic back pain.

Timmy Lin

Northeastern University

Although born Taiwanese, Timmy grew up in Hong Kong and eventually graduated from Northeastern University in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Psychology. He has worked for Marriott Hotels, Steam Valve, Farglory Human Resources and also as a long time mentor for international students in Boston. With experience working in various fields in Boston, Taipei and Hong Kong, he has helped countless students apply for various summer programs and Universities around the world in search of their passion. In his free time, Timmy spends a lot of time doing various activities like boxing, swimming, studying stocks/crypto and cooking.

Jeremy On

Emory University

Jeremy grew up in many different places – San Francisco, Singapore, New York, and Arizona. In high school, he spent his time hitting fuzzy yellow balls on the varsity tennis team and grinding through 12 AP classes. Jeremy graduated from Emory University, where he studied Economics, Mathematics, and English. During his time at Emory, he developed a debilitating Domino’s Pizza addiction and discovered his love for mentoring students. Throughout Jeremy’s college counseling career, he has gotten students into schools like Princeton, CalTech, UPenn, Cornell, and Emory. He loves helping students craft unique essays and find the areas they are passionate about. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, tennis, video games, and gorging on Korean barbecue.

Jeffrey Tang

University of California, Berkeley

Jeffrey is a graduate from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in History. With a strong passion for education, he has worked with high school and community college students from all backgrounds on the essay editing and college application process. Additionally, Jeffrey has tutored students privately in college-level physics, English, and history. During his free time, Jeffrey loves to cook, play video games, visit batting cages, and dance

Ian Chen

New York University

Raised around the world from China to Indonesia and Switzerland, Ian has a strong passion for global issues and sharing knowledge. He studied history at New York University with a focus on military, imperial, and East-West comparative subjects, graduating with high honors. Before joining PANO, he also worked as a recruiter and tutor for IB History and English in addition to essay coaching. He now takes great pleasure in helping students hone their ideas and sharpen their writing to put forth their best selves to their dream schools. Outside of work, Ian often divides his time between writing, visual arts and a love for strategy games from chess to the PC.

vicky pano education upenn

Victoria Pai

Victoria was born and raised in the US. After graduating from a local top private high school, she successfully applied for and was accepted to American universities such as the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University. However, she chose to come to Taiwan to study medicine at Taipei Medical University, a prestigious medical school in Taiwan. After completing her internship and graduating, she joined PANO as an instructor. Using her experiences, Victoria has helped students in a plethora of subjects including calculus, biology, and English. She also specializes in preparation for standardized tests such as AP, SAT, and TOEFL. In class, she hopes to impart a little of her passion for reading, learning, and critical thinking to her students.

Jeff Peng

Johns Hopkins University、UC Berkeley

Jeff grew up in a bilingual environment in Taiwan. During college, Jeff was a study consultant for freshmen, teaching them how to adjust to college-level school work as well as study more efficiently. Jeff not only successfully helped students establish effective study routines, but also found the experience of assisting others through sharing his own experiences gratifying. Jeff has a diverse background: he majored in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and minored in Entrepreneurship and Management at Johns Hopkins University; he then went on to obtain his Master of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from The University of California, Berkeley. His past work experiences include working as a data analyst in the US and as a management associate in publicly traded companies in Taiwan. Jeff received outstanding scores in standardized tests when he was applying to college and can teach classes such as SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. Passionate about working with students in ways that enhance their learning, Jeff hopes to make applying to colleges a rewarding process for them.

Jasper Lai

University of Chicago

Jasper was born and raised in Orange County, California. His parents emigrated from Taiwan with little educational background, so he grew up in a working class household with limited resources and attended an average public high school. Under these conditions, Jasper was able to graduate near the top of his class as a National Merit Finalist, QuestBridge Finalist, and AP Scholar with Distinction. He self-studied the ACT and received a 35/36 while also devoting 4 years of volunteer work to his local hospital. Additionally, he became the head copy editor of his school’s journalism program after 4 years and is a lifelong musician, utilizing his passion to organize and host a charity concert that raised over 4000USD for disaster relief in Haiti. At UChicago, Jasper began as an Economics major and worked as a research assistant at the Booth School of Business before switching to an interdisciplinary major in Cultural Studies, combining his interests in East Asian history, art, and literature. Since graduating, he has worked in the education industry with a devotion to helping international students pursue their ambitions through American universities. In his free time, Jasper revels in his continued passions for creative writing and music composition.

Global Team

Jocelyn Chen

Columbia University

Daphne Chia

Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Michael Chao

Washington University in St. Louis

Vadim Rubin

University of Maryland

Hannah Chang

Columbia University

Hudson Liu

Johns Hopkins University

Karen Wu

Tufts University

Navid Jawad

University of California, Berkeley

Michael Pano Education Harvard University

Michael Yin

Harvard University

Ariel Zhang Pano Education Yale University

Ariel Zhang

Yale University

Annie Hsu

Cornell University

Joseph Embleton-Smith

University of Southampton

mitchell pano education UC berkeley

Mitchell Lui

University of California, Berkeley/ University of Toronto

chichi pano education uc Berkeley

Chichi Chang

University of California, Berkeley

Rene H. Tsukawaki

Cornell University

Janice Chen

University of Southern California / Carnegie Mellon University

Michele Lin

University of California, Berkeley

aaliyah pano education yale

Aaliyah Ibrahim

Yale University

Nana Akua Mensah

Yale University

Janet Jiang

Duke University

Winn Cui

University of California, Berkeley

Mindy Hsu

New York University

Maame Boatemaa

New York University/ The London School of Economics

Ryo Lu

The University of Sydney

Joyce Chung

Johns Hopkins University

Sam Chao

University of Washington

Blaykyi Kenyah

Princeton University

Carlos Schmidt-Padilla

Harvard University / Stanford University

Tiffany Kuo

University of California, San Diego / Northwestern University

Jessica Lin

University of Sydney

Malaika Aryee-Boi

Yale University

Francis Cishahayo

Yale University