Admissions Consulting

Reasons to Choose Pano’s Admissions Consulting

99% students are accepted into their reach schools, creating Taiwan’s best matriculations
Have successfully help students apply for over 1 million USD in scholarships
Every year has students who successfully apply to Stanford or other Ivy League universities

6 Unique Traits of PANO Admissions Consulting

Consultants come from US top 10 universities
Consultants are all well versed in the traditional university application system and have a complete understanding of the latest admission techniques
The team is comprised of people with various specialities such as science, business, humanities, and arts
Double consultants guidance can cover all the details
Large consulting group, can cover resumes, essays, and create unique selling points
Can assist with applications to US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc. Universities

What Our Students Say about Us

Ginny didn’t know how she wanted to present herself and what was a compelling story to tell in the CommonApp essays. We guided Ginny by brainstorming the prompts, going through the materials and giving her second opinions. Furthermore, we discussed the extracurriculars she has participated in high school and found out the unique points she could tell in her essays. Accepted by:University of Southern California,UC Berkeley,Yale NUS,Wesleyan University,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cindy didn’t do well on her TOEFL. She would need to craft her resume and application essays to stand out from other competitors. We integrated the experience of Cindy participating in a Finland summer camp in her essay. She talked about the desire to change and her positive mind to help people. Through the essay, we let the admissions officers see her future potential. Accepted by:Northwestern University

It’s lucky to have PANO’s consultant working together on my essay. When discussing with PANO’s consultant, she always gave me lots of unique ideas and would evaluate them carefully to see if these worked. If I didn’t know how to write it down, she would also guide me and help me revise my first draft. Her wordings were so beautiful that readers would be impressed of it. Besides, I felt relaxed when discussing the essay and my thoughts with PANO’s consultant. And I love getting feedbacks from her. The process was highly efficient and made me feel happy. Take the essay of Boston University for instance, I felt so nervous at first because there was only one week before the deadline, but with PANO’s consultant help, we finished an impressive essay on time! It’s really lucky to have PANO’s consultant for my essay